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Stompin' with Frank

As the O.X.S Frank boot celebrates twenty years, we look back at its reincarnation

It is 1994: Blur on the radio, Pulp Fiction in the cinema, glamour usurping grunge on the runway. The year the O.X.S Frank boot was born. Whatever we wore on top – be it pop PVC, designer deconstruction or minimalist black – the Frank boot remained our loyal stomping boot of choice, military work wear met urban nineties warriors.

Fast-forward twenty years, and the Italian sports-casual brand prepares celebrations for the Frank boot’s twentieth birthday. Having sold over two million pairs across the world, Frank has made lasting impressions beyond the hands of O.X.S founder Linea Marche, when Frank’s robustness, practicality and resistance was first sold to the working man.

Frank’s solidity in design has survived a series of reincarnations in its lifetime. From the dusty tones of desert boots, love worn and battered, to the patent cherry brights of punk and the softer, sportier casual sneaker style. Last month Frank graced the pages of Dazed in a psychedelic fashion story. Worn by Lindsey Wixson in a trippy polka dot coat, she grips the sunshine yellow sole of the latest O.X.S Frank boot, the cracked ease of the patent navy leather allowing for a dynamic shoot.

Before Lindsey came Hollywood stars: Sylvester Stallone claimed Frank as his own, with a special customisation of the tongue with ‘Only for Sly.’ Sylvester’s black leather Frank boots star in action sequences; for the everyday action man, Frank now comes in urban jungle camouflage.

From army to city to cinema screen, whatever his incarnation, Frank demands one style note: laces are wrapped and knotted around the ankle or foot. Here’s to another twenty years stompin’ with Frank.

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