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Photography by Jacques Habbah

Neil Barrett SS14

Ray and Charles Eames' inspire modernist form, sculptural silhouette and feather prints

Initial reaction:

Elegant precision and modernism.

Unexpected details:

A subtle play with proportions: cycling shorts underneath dresses and skirts, adding a sleek tomboy-ish element.


Ray and Charles Eames' furniture designs, the seam detail and architectural feel reflected in Barrett's structured yet soft shapes with rigid textures adding depth to a look of all one shade.


The opening feather print both delicate and graphic, seemed to float over caps, bomber jackets and shift dresses.

Colour impressions:

The full collection shown as a tonal gradation working from black fading starkly through grey to white, and ending with two scarlet punches. 


Ergonomic and uniform; the gentle, seam free curve of a leather jacket and the subtle architectural cut of fit-and-flare shifts.


Gentle undulating lines are created by heat-bonding fabrics, giving weight-free volume to the silhouette. Leather and sheer panels add a visual texture.


Cleanly slicked down with a sharp, graphic parting.


Wooden bases to clutch and tote bags create an Eames’ inspired sculptural form, while wooden shoe heels are attached with visible metal bolts.


The clinical silhouette and tonal print was a continuation of Neil Barrett menswear SS14, when Ray and Charles Eames were again quoted as references.