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Ruby Jean Wilson at ElitePhotography by Jacques Habbah

Ter et Bantine SS14

Raw hems and deconstructed panels lend subtle Japanese undertones, in vermillion and navy

Initial reaction:

A neatness unraveled.


Knotted belts referenced karate uniforms or dressing gowns, with a distinct Japanese undertone. Deconstructivism reigned in partially detached panels and raw hems.

Stand out looks:

A sky blue and white dress, which appeared to be built from vast folds of fabric, loosely tacked and tied with a belt.

Unexpected details:

Peeps of dotted orange after a pure white opening, and the wispy threads hanging from sleeves, collars and skirt hems.

Colour impressions:

The brightest vermillion, sky blue and mint green, against a more sombre palette of white, taupe and midnight blue.

Viral moment:

The cropped green sweater and low-slung sky blue trousers combo that popped up between tunics. Pleasantly unexpected.


Black flip flops with refined trouser suits and tunics – a sight in the office next season?

Left us wanting:

To steal our little brother’s karate belt and tie it over everything.


Matte burgundy lips and darkened full eyebrows.

Most likely to:

Cement Ter et Bantine’s place at PFW: this was their first show in Paris since moving from Milan.

Models: Manon Leloup (@manonleloup), Ruby Jean Wilson (@rubyjean_wilson), Daphne Velgne, Lieve Dannau (@LieveDannau), Cristina Herrmann, Alex Yuryeva, Yumi Lambert (@yumilambert), Valerija Kelava, Amra Cerkezovic, Ewa Wladymiruk, Alexandra Martynova, Claire, Laura, Nova Malanova (@novamalanova), Xiao Wen Ju (@jujujuxiaowen), Martyna Budna (@martynabudna), Charlotte Hoyer, Jamily Wernke Meurer, Sung Hee Kim (@kimssung2), Emma Oak (@emma_oak), Logan Patterson, Hollie-May Saker (@holliemaysaker), Cici Xiang Yejing