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Photography by Paolo Simi

Giorgio Armani SS14

Prim pastel suits and abstracted prints in a show of fluidity, metamorphosis and form

TextSusie LauPhotographyPaolo Simi

Initial reaction:

Chasing shadows in the opening passage of Fantasia. 


Volume, form, subtle equilibriums, fluidity and metamorphosis. 

Stand out pieces:

Prim 'n' proper saturated pastel suits that looked spray-painted, and the sparkly cocktail dresses.


Like Windows Media Player sound wave visualisations - abstracted and shadowy in shades of blue and mauve.

Most likely to:

Jet through a modern interpretative dance version of Prokofiev's Cinderella.

Least likely to:

Do the conga at a hen night.


Open toe mesh cowboy boots with plexiglass heels, jaunty chiffon scarfs and for the evening, a hat trick of tilted dramatic square organza caps.


Animated interplays of light and shadow projected onto the catwalk backdrop. 


Milan starts and ends with Arcade Fire's Reflektor - clearly the Italians love the Italo-disc vibes. 

Left us wanting:

Something diaphanous in chiffon to flutter around in.