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Photography by Paolo Simi

Iceberg SS14

Japanese prints, frilled knits and holographic details lend a glacial feel to Iceberg

TextSusie LauPhotographyPaolo Simi

Initial Reaction:

Cool, icy and holographic.


Astroboy, Hakone, glaciers and jellyfish.

Stand out looks:

Frilled nylon knit separates that floated over prints to mimic jellyfish, the Japanese slogan and Mount Fuji and cherry blossom sweatshirt and the organza aprons with holographic reinforcements.


Techy silver plated clutches.

Most likely to:

Speed around a fast and furious drag race in Tokyo. 

Least likely to:

Go near spaghetti sauce. Those icy whites need to stay clean.  

Quote of the show:

"No nostalgia. Rather, we are moving keenly forward in the spirit of always toward contemporariness, creative imagination, above all with the sense of speed, freshness and wealth typical of Italian fashion."


A Real Hero - College feat. Electric Youth.

Model behaviour:

Chiaru Okunugi suited the ice-cool Japanese vibes of the collection.

Left us wanting:

To find out more about new creative director Alexis Martial, and the refreshed direction he will be taking Iceberg.