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Claire Barrow backstage Fashion East SS14 by Rebec
Becca Horn at ElitePhotography by Rebecca Thomas

Claire Barrow SS14

Scrawled illustrations, street cast models and bare feet gave a DIY punk artist feel

Initial reaction:

DIY punk artists. 

Model behaviour:

Street cast boys and girls. 

Best women's look:

A short transparent coat covered in expressive faces and furious brushstrokes.

Best men's look:

A clear plastic raincoat doodled with mystical eyes.

How they wore it:

With bare feet and raw edges. 

Key change:

AW13’s rich, theatrical New Look shapes gave way to a raw canvas-like feel and straight shapes, but still scrawled with Barrow’s illustrations.

For the kids:

Oversize hand-painted mask earrings.


Cutler & Gross cat-eye versions of Dr Jacoby’s glasses from Twin Peaks.

Most likely to:

Keep drawing on clothes and re-appropriating silhouettes.


A Raincoat – It Came In The Night. 

Models: Reba Maybury (@rebamaybury), Lois Blamire (@lo1sblm), Chloe Flowerdew (@chloeflowerdew), Josh Quinton (@josh_quinton), Kitty (Ellie Hook) (@CatEyesKitty), Luke Eden, Noel Aiwerioghene, Anniek Kortleve (@anniekjk), Gabriele Ghignoni (@teenagejesus), Becca Horn (@HornRebecca), Louis Backhouse, (Aza Shade), Charlotte Burgon (@si_tratta_charl), Reba Maybury, Lois Blamire, Josh Quinton