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Introducing Our First: #dazedmodelinsider

It's New York fashion week, and the girls are back. Meet our first model insider - Janice Alida

One girl, one city: acting as our third eye to share the backstage secrets, viral moments and model antics this womenswear season will be our #dazedmodelinsider. First up, New York with Janice Alida. But keep your eyes on which other top models we have lined up and waiting to flash and filter for London, Milan and Paris. 

A regular face on the catwalk, @janicealida walked for Chanel, Lanvin and Dior, and starred in the Dazed collections issue, September 2013. Before we let her loose to the insider world of New York Fashion Week, we put Janice through her paces with a little Dazed pop quiz.

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Who would you rather live with: Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs or Raf Simons? 

Christmas with Raf, summer vacations with Marc and autumn with Alexander. 

What's your poison? 

Dark & Stormy.

What's been the most surreal experience you've had backstage during fashion week? 

Arriving at 3am when it was still dark for Louis Vuitton's 10am show. 3am is still night time in my head!

If your clothes could talk right now, what would they say?

Get some new shoes before you wear us out to the ground.

Have you ever missed a show? 


What is your guilty pleasure during fashion week?

Too much coffee.

What's in your bag right now? 

Prada heels, Prospekt Supply windbreaker, my portfolio, lip balm, iPhone and charger, and headphones. Anything more and it becomes too much to carry all day. 

What's the best thing you've ever captured on instagram? 

A giraffe that put his head inside our train car to try to give me a little kiss at the Disney World safari.. 

What shows are you most looking forward to? 

Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Celine, Christopher Kane, Steven Tai.