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FENDI Histoire d'Eau restored_9

Fendi's Histoire d'Eau

We take a closer look at Fendi's newly restored short, which gave way to the very concept of 'fashion film'

In 1977, Fendi gave way to the very concept of the 'fashion film' when they captured Karl Lagerfeld’s first ready-to-wear collection for the brand on camera. Directed by Jacques de Bascher, the elusive Parisian dandy who was Lagerfeld’s great love, the 18-minute short ‘Histoire d’Eau’ follows model Susy Dyson, who plays a German tourist in Rome – dressed head to toe in Fendi. On the verge of fantasy and reality, Susy casually strolls and dances through a deserted Rome as she bathes in its fountains, before receiving an invitation to come and try on some Fendi furs, followed by a lunch with the five Fendi sisters. As part of the Fendi for Fountains project, which will fund the restoration of some of Rome’s oldest and most iconic fountains, Histoire d’Eau is currently being screened at an exhibition in Paris.

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