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Susie Bubble's Wild Wild West

Experiments with social media and popping the lonesome worker bubble

TextTrey TaylorPhotographySeth Fluker

"When I first started the blog, it was a bit of a wild wild west," explains Susie Bubble. "There were no PR companies or designers contacting you. You had to go out and hunt for the content." Stumbling upon those gems, or "the hunt", is what Susie sometimes misses, but by experimenting with different social media platforms, Bubble has risen through the blogging ranks to come out on top. For Glacéau vitaminwater's #shinebright competition, Susie Bubble will not only groom a budding journalist, but will be able to show them how she has harnessed social media to make up for any lack of formal training.


Twitter is like the personal mouthpiece and plugs the gap in between posts when you're at shows and needing to get something out there immediately. Instagram is really like a personal visual diary with moments that you wouldn't really put on the blog but are just as valid in engaging with people on a personal level. I think experimenting with Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter/Facebook) really opened up my eyes to the way Chinese people engaged with content. Weibo is really like micro-blogging. I found it fascinating how people immediately responded to posts – often with criticism too.

You won't get very far if you're just hanging around in a sponsor's lounge quaffing champagne.


I did history at uni and I suppose that honed investigative, research and analytical skills. I've never formally trained in fashion journalism and all aspects of fashion history and technical jargon were learnt really from when I was a teenager. I would read up about everything fashion-related I could get my hands on, from magazines to dusty books in the local library. I've always treated fashion as an obsessive hobby. I think the most rewarding part is having dialogue with readers. A lot email me directly and we go on convo tangents. I like that people are engaging with the content and not just simply scrolling through, looking at pics.


I've always worked solely by myself. I've never had an assistant, an intern or anything like that for Style Bubble. It will be challenging to share responsibility – especially during a hectic time like fashion week – but I'm excited to show whomever wins the competition the way I work, what I do and maybe it will change my mind about not being such a lonesome worker in the future. I'd really like that person to learn about fashion as I know it – that it involves a lot of hard working people, a lot of different components to come together in a fashion show and that ultimately there is a lot of graft involved to make those magic moments happen. You won't get very far if you're just hanging around in a sponsor's lounge quaffing champagne.

The Glacéau vitaminwater #shinebright competition is championing young creatives and offering the chance to be mentored. To enter the competition, click here.

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