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Teenage Takeover: Venus In Furs

The brainchild of 16 year old Luna Cedron, fashion label Venus In Furs has already been seen on the backs of some of the coolest kids on the block.

With a following including the likes of Foals, MGMT and Connan Mockasin, fledgling label Venus In Furs is destined for big things. Featuring brightly coloured, almost childlike illustrations, shimmery fabrics and florals, the label has an ethereal edge that lends itself to creative fantasy. Sixteen-year-old creator, Luna Cedron, grabs a timeslot at her French boarding school to talk to us about winning the MySpace Boudoir competition, mingling backstage and Pamela Anderson… 

Dazed Digital: When did you start drawing?
Luna: I don't remember, I always did. My mother and my father are painters so it's usual for me to draw. But I started sewing at ten with my grand mother.

DD: How did you get into fashion illustration?
L: I think I got into fashion illustration when I started sewing dresses. For me, fashion illustration means to put a dress I made into a portfolio.

DD: Why did you start your own label?
L: I it started with a friend, because I needed to participate to a fashion competition on MySpace Boudoir. It was last year, we got involved and we won! We had our stuff presented at Who's Next in Paris, porte de Versailles.

DD: What are your designs all about?
L: About childhood, elegance, madness, coolness and FUN.

DD: What inspires you?
L: Astronomy, Indians Mayas, Medieval knights, flowers, 60's and 70's, 80's, 90's, English Royal Family. Music: Britney Spears, Band of Gypsys, Run DMC, Bob Dylan, Serge Gainsbourg, Black Lips, Chuck Berry, Le Corps Mince De Françoise, David Bowie, Foals, Muddy Waters, These New Puritans, Nina Hagen, The Rolling Stones and Carlos Gardel.

DD: What's been the biggest challenge you have faced for Venus in Furs?
L: Selling clothes; I love selling clothes ‘cause I think people over the world will wear something I made, but when I produce a dress or a T-shirt It's difficult to get separated from it.

DD: What are your future ambitions?  
L: I would like to study at in Saint Martin's College of Arts and Design. Then maybe open a shop. But I have a lot of things to learn about fashion, that’s why I want to study in a good fashion school. I also want to get to know the "fashion world" better and go to catwalks and talk to designers...

DD: How did you get your tees on the backs of so many people?
L: I love going to concerts and meeting the musicians. I always manage to talk with them and show to them my tees, so if they like it, they keep it, they wear it. That's how I take pictures of them.

DD: If you could have anyone in the world wear one of your designs, who would it be?
L: Pamela Anderson and maybe new groups who are not famous.