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Hannah Marshall S/S 09 Power Architect Collection

My Style: Hannah Marshall

The designer never veers away from black and is looking forward to London Fashion Week where she can show her strengths with her A/W 10 collection.

Dazed Digital: What are you wearing today?
Hannah Marshall: Today I am wearing an oversize black silk jersey dress with origami like structured sleeves from my Autumn/Winter 2008 collection, with tall flat black leather boots, and a medley of silver pieces hanging on my trusty Hannah Martin necklace. Finished with a dash of red lipstick, as always.

DD: How would you describe your style?
HM: My style is quite dark and minimalist, and always quite covered up. A lot of the time I dress for ease, so just chuck on a black dress and heels. Although, in the day I am often unglamorously racing around to my factories and suppliers, so flats is a must.

DD: Do you ever consider wearing a colour other than black?
HM: I wear a colourful lipstick, but when it comes to the clothes I wear, I pretty much always wear black as my signature. When I design, I design in black. It’s the strongest and most powerful colour there is. Black is the perfect tone to create bold and interesting silhouettes with.

DD: What's the most expensive thing you own?
HM: That’s a difficult one, as some of the things I own aren’t necessarily expensive but maybe rare or special to me, therefore are priceless. One of the most expensive things I have done is take a holiday to an island in the Maldives, where my boyfriend proposed to me. So, again it’s not something I own but was very expensive to say the least – but ever so worth it for the memories which are priceless.

DD: Do you think it's important for a designer to "practise what they preach" as it were, wearing their own clothes?
HM: I think it is really important for a designer to wear their own designs, especially as you are the brand and an important ambassador for what you do.

DD: What other designers do you like?
HM: I admire the works of Theirry Mugler and Jill Sander in the 90’s. Apart from that, I am obsessed with the jewelry by Hannah Martin, Nicolas Kirkwood shoes and Soren Bach head pieces. – just incredible.

DD: What was the last thing you bought?
HM: A train ticket to travel to my London studio, as I live in Colchester in Essex, so commute to London to run my business. It’s great as I have the best of both worlds, and on the weekend go back home to the fresh air and countryside.

DD: What outfit did you have the most fun wearing?
HM: The Trapeze Dress from my collection, it feels amazing on and even with the 18 meters of silk it takes to make the piece it is as light as a feather and moves beautifully, perfect to dance the night away in.

DD: Will you be designing your own wedding dress?
HM: I haven’t decided. Maybe. Or, if I find an amazing vintage dress then that is an option.

DD: How is the A/W 09 collection going?
HM: I am really exciting to be back working on an Autumn/Winter collection, as it’s my favorite season. My style lends itself more so to Autumn/Winter because of the heavier more sculptural fabrics I prefer to work with. But, all will be revealed this February at London Fashion Week. I have New Generation sponsorship from the British Fashion Council and Topshop for the 3rd consecutive season, so I’m looking forward to this coming fashion week.
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