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Maiden Britain Voyage

"Cult Couturier" Ziad Ghanem's S/S 09 Sartre-inspired collection for his ready to wear line Maiden Britain is laden with references.

Ziad Ghanem grew up in war torn Lebanon but escaped mentally through the pages of The Face and i-D and eventually made it to London, where he set up a made-to-order bespoke design studio. His Union Jack dress made a notable appearance in the recent BBC show 'British Style Genius'. In addition to his demi-couture approach, he has also been working on his ready to wear label Maiden Britain together with graphic artist Robert Boon. Their S/S 09 collection "Hell is paradise without other people" has been showcased in Latvia as part of the [Moment] event but will be showing at London Fashion Week for A/W 09.  

Dazed Digital: Where did the idea for your S/S 09 "Hell is paradise without other people" collection come from?
Ziad Ganem: The title is the opposit of the famous saying by Jean Paul Sartre 'Hell is other people", meaning: the most perfect life without others is hell. I love the clash of cultures references in this collection,somehow they blend softly together.

DD: You've been referred to as a cult couturier - what does this actually mean and what does it entail?
ZG: A cult couturier means that my bespoke designs are popular and  fashionable among a particular section in society that is looking for comfort wit and individuality in clothes,by dressing to feel good and not to impress anyone except themselves..

DD: You also practice 'eco fashion' - where do you see sustainable fashion going in the future?
ZG: We are all responsible for our choices. I choose to use eco-friendly techniques and I make clothes from recycled
materials, reconstructing second hand clothing and eco friendly printing techniques.
The sources might not be a strong enough material to inspire everyone in the fashion industry... but many designer are environment friendly.

DD: What have your private commissions consisted of - like a more extravagant version of Maiden Britain?
ZG: Maiden Britain is my ready to wear Label, in collaboration with graphic designer Robert Boon. The clothes are  made already and available for sale. Private commission consist on the same ideas but made to a client's specific requirements and measurements.

DD: What's next for Ziad Ghanem?
ZG: A A/W 2009/10 Maiden Britain Fashion Show at London Fashion Week.


Photographer: Ellis Scott
Stylist:Justine Josephs
Hair: Charlie Le Mindu sponsered by Fudge
Make up: Michelle Webb using Mac
Models: Scott Sanders @ Premier
Kirsten Ringelmann @ models 1