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Pamela Love S/S 09 Inspiration Board

S/S 09 Accessories Preview: All That Glitters

In the second part of our Accessories Preview, Dazed Digital profile Pamela Love, Ligia Dias, Arielle De Pinto and Husam el Odeh who showcase their inspirations for S/S 09.

Pamela Love
It’s perhaps no surprise to learn that Pamela Love comes from a medical background. Her darkly romantic jewellery takes some of the more macabre elements of nature like deer teeth, bird craniums and eagle claws casting them in elegant brass and gold. Exploring the magical properties of jewellery, her work takes inspiration from religious imagery, the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky and traditional African and South American jewellery to produce sexy, Gothic pieces that has the voodoo in them.

You're an artist/ stylist/ musician/photographer and could do anything you want - why design jewellery?
I enjoy working with my hands.  I always wanted to be a designer when I was younger, but I never really felt connected to designing clothes or working with fabric.  I love to paint and to sculpt and to build things.  I designed and built sets for films in college.  For me, jewellery is a lot like these things.  I also think jewellery is very special - meaningful, magical, sentimental, romantic and ultimately really powerful. Jewellery plays many meaningful roles in history, culture, religions etc.

You've featured your designs on both men and women -is it that your jewellery transcends genders? Is it showing the vulnerability of men?
Yes I think my jewellery transcends genders. I don't know if it is showing so much the vulnerability of the men who wear my pieces.  Rather, I feel it is showing the strength and power of the women who wear it (ok and also the men).

What are your plans for 2009?
I am working on my next collection as well as a few collaborations...and also playing music with my band.