Best environments of Womenswear AW13

Set it off – the Dazed fashion team choose their favourite spaces this season

Chanel AW13 globe Photography Lea Colombo

Set and show environment is crucial to the staging of a catwalk show today. We're a long way from the 90s blank canvas approach to a runway, fashion in 2013 has to be a totally contextualised vision. The Dazed fashion team pick their favourite spaces of the season, from a serotonin fix under Marc Jacobs' giant sun to the gilded extremes of the Palazzo Serbelloni for Pucci and Rick Owens's curtain of smoke.

Globe at the Grand Palais at Chanel

Helium balloons at Dior

Giant artificial sun at Marc Jacobs

Mirrored sculpture at Jil Sander

Mirrored installation at The Royal Exchange at Jonathan Saunders

Hotel corridor at Louis Vuitton

Industrial catwalk at the Palais d'Iena at Miu Miu

Smoke curtain at Rick Owens

The gilded Palazzo Serbelloni for Emilio Pucci

The Tanks at Tate Modern, Topshop's showspace

Chanel AW13 globe Photography Lea Colombo
Dior AW13 helium balloons Photography courtesy of Dior
marc jacobs
Marc Jacobs AW13 sun Photography Mark Reay
jil sander
Jil Sander AW13 mirrored sculpture Photography Luca Campri
jonathan saunders
Jonathan Saunders AW13 mirrored installation at The Royal Exchange Photography Louise Damgaard
louis vuitton
Louis Vuitton AW13 hotel corridor Photography courtesy of Louis Vuitton
miu miu
Miu Miu AW13 industrial catwalk at the Palais d'Iena Photography courtesy of Miu Miu
Rick Owens AW13 smoke curtain Photography courtesy of Rick Owens
Emilio Pucci AW13 at Palazzo Serbelloni Photography courtesy of Pucci
Topshop showspace, The Tanks at Tate Modern Photography courtesy of Topshop

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