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Claudio Orciani on leather

The accessories designer on the foundation of his world

Orciani, the namesake brand of founder Claudio is located in Fano, the Marche region, a 'land of leather'. Led by the designer and his wife, Claudio opens up on his fascination with hide and what it all means to him.

I love everything about leather. Since the beginning I loved the material itself, sometimes discreet and sometimes "explosive"; its ductility, not only aesthetic, but also physical, and mechanical has infinite potentials and possibility of manipulation: leather can be crumpled and rubbed, misshaped and cracked by natural elements like water, earth and fire. Leather preserves the touch and the natural texture that our innovation and research embellishes and enriches, but never becoming artificial. Leather possesses a unique scent, just as the skin of who we love.

Leather is by nature a kind of element that divides and separates exterior and interior, but at the same time, preserves and combines. This ambivalence is one of the mysteries that fascinate about this material. That's why our bags are not only functional but able to contain and preserve, able to express the identity of who is wearing them, making her/him unique. It’s hard to choose a leather object I prefer… because each one is related to feelings and memories.