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Yu Masui's PFW day two

Like Red Bull, Jeremy Scott gives you wings. Yu Masui flies through today's shows

TextYu MasuiPhotographyYu Masui

Yu Masui is a London-based fashion journalist who started his career as a buyer at the legendary Pineal Eye. Introducing many emerging talents, his selections also extended to several Japanese boutiques. He's since returned to his roots as a fashion writer, a discipline he studied, contributing to leading Japanese titles. Masui is also a self-confessed "lazy blogger", happily writing about food, travel, lifestyle and sometimes fashion on Yu ♥..., parallel to his deadlines.

PFW day two: "Did Red Bull give you wings? No, Jeremy did!!!"

Attending Paris Fashion Week is making Yu feel like he has to dress more sophisticated. So today Yu Masui wears a French-style clean silhouette with a bit of a twist. Another theme for this look is "Hells Angels romance". The hardware of the leather jacket and shoes, also studs of clutch, give style edge! Worn with the "must-have" Carven embroidery sweatshirt, an item which has the best cost performance ever, with pink socks giving a sweet romantic feel. Sunglasses with fur, were a birthday present from mates a while ago, finalising this outfit with usual Yu Masui craziness. Actually Yu wasn't so happy when he was given thes sunglasses... First of all Yu can't see to the side! And too hot to wear in Summer!!! But Spring/Summer fur is a trend, with Prada's floral jacket and Céline fur-lined sandals. Now Yu is happy to wear them!!! Thank you guys ♡

Fur sunglasses by On Aura Tout Vu
Leather jacket with wings by Jeremy Scott x Adidas
Embroidered sweatshirt by Carven
White shirt by Jil Sander
Black jeans by Saint Laurent
Pink socks by Uniqlo
Metal toecap shoes and yellow clutch by Christian Louboutin