Viktor & Rolf's World Round Web

The Dutch duo present their AW13 womenswear collection on Saturday. But first they're reshaping the web with a new site – as decreed in this conceptual mission statement by 'internet CEO' Liz Goldwyn

"When we decided to redesign our website, we liked the idea to rethink it on an existential level, rethink the basis. Why should it be rectangular when round is perhaps equally functional (once the rest of the world also sees the light). The same rigour we apply to our fashion shows and collections, our perfumes and accessories was used while refocusing our presence on the internet.

It would be lovely if we were surrounded by people as fun and glamorous as Liz [Goldwyn] everyday!  Liz is a brilliant actress, artist, filmmaker and thinker - moreover, she is a dear friend.  When thinking of the potential CEO of HTML, she naturally came to mind. She's intelligent, modern, doesn't mind a bit of provocation and she has a good sense of humour.

We recognise a conceptual approach in [director] Lernert & Sander's work that is similar to our own way of thinking. Like us, they strip their ideas to their essence, in order to make them communicate optimally. In doing so they retain a sense of irony and they employ a rigorous, clean and modern aesthetic that appeals to us. And they're great fun.

…Doing a back to front show, making clothes out of shadows, inviting people into a blown-up dollhouse, etc, etc, etc, in this lineage the World Round Web makes perfect sense. We are very keen to cherish our archive online, but also to look forward with modernity and momentum. Our new site – as you will discover – is conceptual from the start and in the same manner plays with perception. But it is also very navigable, so we are proud to strike that balance."

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