Jonathan Saunders AW13

At The Royal Exchange, Saunders gets sexual in The City

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Eva Downey at The Agency, Kel Markey at Supreme, @kelmarkey & Katlin Aas at TESS, @AasKatlinPhotography Louise Damgaard

We’ve become so desensitised to hypersexual fashion that it takes someone like Jonathan Saunders to get his freak on before you go ‘Oh, that’s a bit kinky, innit?’ The Saunders woman has never been exactly prim or strait-laced, but there was definitely a moment of surprise at the Royal Exchange on Sunday afternoon when she emerged bosom-first onto the runway, in subversive vinyl and patent leather. 

Despite the procession of ample cleavage, barely contained by cupless corsets and suggestive lace, there was a whiff of melancholy about the whole thing. Perhaps it was the autumnal colours, the faintly Hitchcockian dresses or the dark David Lynch soundtrack, but you could almost detect a weird sense of subdued gloominess in the shiny wipe-down leathers. Yet Saunders brought an ease to the exacting silhouettes, and somehow managed to make a fuzzy, demure pink skirt suit seem the most perverted of the bunch.

Hair: Paul Hanlon

Makeup: Luca Pieroni

Models pictured: Katlin Aas (@AasKatlin), Chiharu Okunug (@chiharuuu0515), Martha Hunt (@iamarthahunt), Catherine McNeil (@MeowcatMccat), Kel Markey (@kelmarkey), Hanne Gaby Odiele (@hannegabysays), Karlina Caune (@kkkarlie), Sam Rollinson (@SamRollinson), Steffi Soede (@stefffix), Irina Kravchenko (@kondrovobumpron), Meghan Collison (@meghancollison)

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