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Lacoste Feb 92013 MreayIMG_7469
Kati Nescher at DNAPhotography Mark Reay

Lacoste AW13

Making green glacial, Felipe Oliveira Baptista's expedition focus

Saturday New York did not wake up encased in walls of snow as predicted, but at the Lacoste show, Felipe Oliveira Baptista's vision of arctic exploration made braving high gusts and summiting glaciers a stylish aspiration. Come back next Fall, Nemo! We want to wear Lacoste's blown-up topographical prints, and the serene men's coat printed with a winter seascape. For now, clean coats (some reversible) remind us of how to look good dressing for the cold. A classic Lacoste-green polo dress morphed into an amazing mind trick when styled under an opaque plastic slicker. With each step you could just barely see the pop of green, like coming to land through the mist after a long sea voyage to Antarctica. A women's white shrunken anorak literally had a silver lining, and was proof that we had something to be optimistic about sloshing through the ash-colored slush outside.

Models pictured: Maud Welzen (@MaudWelzen93), Irina Nikolaeva (@irok_nike), Julia Francke (@Juliafrancke)