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KOMAKINO AW13 playlist and lookbook

Going into new season strobe with the London-based label

For AW13, KOMAKINO takes its relentless vocabulary, a fusion of counterculture references, youth codes and tailoring into strobe, with a rave-hued moment of mind and body synergy.

"What interested us about rave culture (in general) was probably the hazy line between subculture and counterculture that is present in this movement," explains designer Federico Capalbo. "Fascinating is the naive yet 'pure' attitude of the movement, the idea of rave as an experience that reconnects music to a sort of liberation of body and mind."

Not referring to any specific dance culture, KOMAKINO adapted their silhouettes by reworking elements of up-all-night style – phat pants, velcro loop patches and straps instead of reflective material embellishments. Whilst offering 100% Scottish cashmere knits for the first time – perfect for that post-club comedown.

Here we showcase the London-based, Paris-showcasing, Italian-manufactured brand's AW13 lookbook, alongside a playlist by Capalbo and stylist Niklas Bildstein Zaar. Turn it up.


Vatican Shadow – 'Cairo Is A Haunted City'
Ah Cama-Sotz - 'Il Leviathan'
Gesaffelstein - 'Hatred (Original Mix)'
Mescalinum United - 'We Have Arrived'
Implex - 'Kin Dza Dza'
Signal Aout 42 - 'Waterdome (Dome Mix)'
Cut Hands - 'Black Mamba'
Covenant - 'Like Tears in Rain'
Frontline Assembly - 'The Storm'
Sleep Chamber – 'Submit To Desire'

All photography courtesy of KOMAKINO