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Moves Like Jagger

Georgia May Jagger talks photography and Hudson denim at Abbey Road Studios

When walking into the infamous Abbey Road studios, you don't expect to see Georgia May Jagger laying over a grand piano in room covered entirely with mirrors. Then again, she has rock 'n' roll in her blood and it is one of the locations for her latest campaign with Hudson Jeans. Jagger has been the face of the brand for four years, even designing her own collection and this campaign for SS13 will feature her own photographs, enabled on Instagram and hashtagged #LETYOURSELFGO, with older brother James making a cameo as well as her boyfriend (and his Turbogeist bandmate) Josh McLellan. In between takes, we caught up with Jagger to discuss photography, photo app phenomenon and of course, denim.

Dazed Digital: Who gave you your first camera? 
Georgia May Jagger: I'm not sure, but I have always experimented with instant cameras. I went through a stage where I liked double exposures and we figured out that if you smack it really hard it crosses the pictures in the disposable cameras. So we used to go to concerts and it had a flash, so you would just smack it rather than taking the picture. It is a bit like the Instagram double exposure. I have always had film cameras but I love instagram. I even showed it to my mum for the first time the other day.

DD: As an aspiring photographer, what have you learnt from working on set with other photographers?
Georgia May Jagger: You see a lot of what the assistant has to do, I am really hoping to do that. Alasdair McLellan is one of my favourite photographers and what I notice is that all of his assistants have to be able to load a camera. I mean you have never seen someone load a camera so quickly. I am always looking and if anyone is willing to teach me anything, I am always willing to learn.

DD: Denim has such a rich social history, did you do a lot of research into that when you designed your collection for Hudson last year?
Georgia May Jagger: I was really into the stories my mum hold me about how they used to wear jeans in the 70s. At that time, jeans were the big thing. If you were going to go out on Saturday night you would be wearing jeans. She told me that you would have them so tight that you would have to use a coat-hanger to get into them. Or her two sisters would help her. They would starch them so much that they would stand on their own.

Photography courtesy of Hudson