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Terry de Havilland SS13

Sarah Piantadosi shoots Codie Young in the rock cobblers' new campaign

Cobbling legend and originator Terry de Havilland has influenced fashion with his unique brand of vertiginous rock 'n' roll footwear for over five decades. His insatiable passion for fantasy footwear has enabled the designer to create bespoke shoes for his celebrity fans, constantly reworking his signature styles in modern fabrics and applying new techniques and graphics.

Paid tribute to as Dazed's Fashion Archive in the February 2013 issue, for his SS13 collection Terry has taken inspiration from his 70s glam rock roots, presenting a set of images by photographer Sarah Piantadosi, featuring Codie Young lounging at an after-party.

This year marks a special anniversary for de Havilland as Margaux, Terry's original signature wedge, celebrates her 40th birthday. The Margaux remains as in demand today as it did when Terry first designed it in 1973 at his infamous King’s Road shop Cobblers To The World. Here Terry talks Dazed Digital through the new designs.

"The collection was designed during one of the most dreary summers I can remember. The sky was overcast and leaden. My choice of colours was an antidote to the fifty shades of grey that seemed to permeate everything. I filled the studio with a myriad of colour and texture to escape the gloom; bright holographic metallics, neon reptile leathers, sorbet kid suedes set off by black patent detailing.

The collecton was designed to a soundtrack of Lou Reed, Talking Heads and Bowie with a bit of Parliament, Funkadelic and Bootsy Collins thrown in for 'acid funk' good measure.

I also finally got the chance to work with my great friend Tiff McGinnis [aka Grande Dame] on oriental prints. We’ve had a mutual appreciation thing going on for a while and the timing was suddenly perfect for a collaboration. I love her sense of colour and the anarchy of her music and animations. Digital printing has come on in leaps and bounds since I first experimented with it, so I called her up and we went to work. I love the results. The shoes glow in UV light.

The collection is a flashback/flashforward. They’re not exact facsimiles of earlier designs but they bear all my trademark shapes."

Photography Sarah Piantadosi
Styling Ellie Grace Cumming
Hair Roqu Roppongi at Saint Luke
Make-Up Thomas de Kluyver at D&V
Thanks to Grande Dame, John Dove and Molly White

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