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Fendi backstagePhotography Lea Colombo

Fendi AW13

The beauty of industry hits Milan with a tough lesson in sumptuous taste

Usually the DJ is hidden away at a fashion show, but those passing the steel runway, a static conveyor belt of sorts, in Fendi's AW13 presentation saw Matthew Herbert creating a special live mix from marching sounds, via vinyl and laptop. 

The models – including #dazedmodelarmy troops Pascal Bonvie, Demy Matzen, Jester White and Alex Beck – marched their circuit, in file, for half an hour, an exercise in multiplication which the industrial set (and metal invite) played to. 

In the clothing, Silvia Venturini Fendi was talking about the great outdoors; glaciers, wind, adventure, protection. Oiled leather fused with wool, astrakhan patchworked into imaginary skins, with huge furs shielding the body from the chilly aggression of the elements. 

Being Fendi, a furrier at the pinnacle of its metier with a simultaneous taste for progressive fabrics and new treatments/techniques, this was a halfway state rather than a history lesson in the primitive, as today’s wildlife is entirely urban. It’s tough out there – but Fendi will swathe you in a great uniform.

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