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Emporio Armani backstagePhotography Lea Colombo

Emporio Armani AW13

An archetypal fashion show from the king of the absolute brand

An Emporio Armani show is the sort of event you might expect a fashion show to be like – spontaneous clapping, approaching 100 looks and adoration at the appearance of Signore Armani at the end.

Sitting in the indoor grandstand at today's show, Mr Armani offered a wardrobe of 'metropolitan ethos', from overcoats to cabans, jackets, turtlenecks and the tuxedo jacket, all revisited in high-tech materials, each piece standing on its own.

A classic black jacket in nappa is laser cut and coated in orange membrane, giving the appearance of changing colour, as backpacks are realised in sheepskin or leather and neoprene.

In Milan, Armani has his Manzoni flagship, which features all clothing lines and Armani Casa, a café, bookshop, Nobu, florist, hotel and chocolatier. This designer was one of the first to realise the power of an entire lifestyle. His collection today reflected that breadth, with pieces for every occasion.