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Maison Kitsuné AW13

The French label / fashion house showing off their new clothes, literally on the backs of their bands

Going to a fashion show in Florence is like channeling life over hundreds of years – the city is full of grand, chandeliered palazzos with incredible ceiling frescoes. The Palazzo Capponi all'Annunziata was a setting that contrasted well with Maison Kitsuné, the buzzing record and style label that has contributed heavily to modern Paris, so entwined with the beat of the City of Light for the past decade. 

Gildas & Masaya's Pitti event came with the wit you'd expect. Why put clothes on models when three acts off your record label could play live dressed in them? Hosted by Ambush design duo Verbal and Yoon, Swedish duo Saint Lou Lou appeared in contrasting red and white looks, French talent Yelle in a playsuit and parka, backed by Eli & Fur, and London's Citizens! dressed identically (a classic rock motif) in grey suits. Citizens! in particular affirmed the (justified) buzz by playing a tight set. The show literature said 'Smile! You are being filmed!' The cameraman was fashion's premier filmmaker, Loïc Prigent, no less.

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