Christopher Kane AW13

Mr. Kane pays homage to Frankenstein and Dracula in his latest menswear collection

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On the wall of Christopher Kane's intimate showroom presentation yesterday, hung a series of small colourful sketches. They were drawn by Kane's nine year old nephew and represented a child-like vision of iconic figures from horror – Frankenstein, Dracula, werewolves and the creature from the 1954 film Creature From The Black Lagoon. These drawings drew attention to a theme that Kane explored last season in his womenswear collection, where he created Frankenstein print t-shirts. Apparently, when he heard that it was the boys who were buying them, he decided to bring a bit of horror to the modern man. 

The collection was not simply about T-shirts, but it represented a sartorial vision of a dressed-up Dracula. His colour palette was moody - consisting of deep purples, midnight blacks and inky blues. Whilst, his use of fur, cashmere and chunky knitwear brought a refined level of luxury to his casual jersey pieces. Leopard print was also re-introduced this season, but in monochrome. Featuring on the collars of classic white shirts, fur bomber jackets and a series of accessories. Velvet also ran seamlessly through the collection, in the form of tailored blue trousers and classic slippers – which of course, were covered with the head of Frankenstein and Dracula. This menswear collection was his largest to date and reaffirmed that Kane can do it all – jersey prints, classic tailoring, fur  - and now,  a well-dressed horror icon.

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