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Meadham Kirchhoff AW13

Meadham Kirchhoff on Meadham Kirchhoff: the design duo chat backstage about royalty and their talking-point sets

Meadham Kirchhoff presented their London collection yesterday. Here's what they had to say for themselves, and below you can see spreads from the fanzine they gave away at the show. 

Edward Meadham: The set was really looking back at this idea of the set from last season and putting a sense of order in the chaos that was happening last time, moving the sense of youth on, and making it a lot more strict. Not necessarily grown up, but playing with this idea of severity and devotion was a very important element as well. Religious devotion, patriotism or partnerships.

Benjamin Kirchhoff: We curate the sets like when we do womenswear shows. I mean we are quite lucky that when we get given the space by Fashion East, we literally get to do everything, creating a total ambience. It's all part of the same world, the same message, the same story as the womenswear. We're near Buckingham Palace but it's not a reaction to that at all – I love the Royal Family and I love what they stand for. If the Queen knew what we were doing in one of her private buildings I don’t know what she would say. But, whatever...