Mandi Lennard x Gwendoline Christie

The fashion PR behind the biggest London talent and Game of Thrones actress and muse threw a banquet. They shot themselves and we eavesdropped as they got ready


Publicist Mandi Lennard, who shaped the careers of designers including Kim Jones, Cassette Playa and Roksanda Ilincic and towering goddess actress Gwendoline Christie, who've been friends since the early days of BoomBox, hosted a lavish soirée this week, 'Mandi & Gwen's ABSOLUT Elyx Banquet' at A Little Of What You Fancy in Dalston. The event was a follow up to their much-talked about festive bash at Lennard's office last year. We caught up with the co-conspirators getting ready at Mandi's flat, prior to arrival, with Gwendoline head to toe in Louise Gray and Mandi opting for one of her many protégés, Gareth Pugh.

Mandi Lennard: Who are you and what's the weather like up there?!
Gwendoline Christie: I've never been sure and I'm not experiencing any actual weather conditions as my head and shoulders are penetrating the thermosphere, thanks Mandi.

Mandi Lennard: My earliest memory of you is from BoomBox in Paris, but we must have been hanging out at BoomBox in the early days, right back to when it was called Family?
Gwendoline Christie: When I first set foot in east London, I almost immediately became aware of your legend. Except that I thought that your surname was 'Leotard'. I only went to Family once and felt like Joan Collins, which was wonderful! But our first meeting was at BoomBox Paris, where I was surprised by how nice and hilarious über-fashion PR and doyenne of cool 'Mandi Leotard' was. I was still too scared to ask to try your trucker cap on, though.

Mandi Lennard: So Richard Mortimer bought us together, and it's all just been a big bad blur ever since...
Gwendoline Christie: Richard Mortimer's disco introduced me to so many exciting and creative people; the most fascinating, sharp-tongued exotic birds I could ever hope to meet. It's the best zoo I've ever been to.

Mandi Lennard: I think the highlight of our Xmas Disco last year was Bistrotheque's Tom Collins making tacos on my desk in the office – and the Argos Xmas tree, which caused a bit of a stir. What was the highlight for you?
Gwendoline Christie: Bistrotheque's Tom Collins' guns are always a highlight for me. And the Fashion Conga through your office! And Roksanda Ilincic being so understanding about the resultant 'disco-juice' all over the hem of my dress.

Mandi Lennard: Oh yes, I was rather jealous of your coral gown that night.  How has your life changed in the last year?
Gwendoline Christie: I go to the gym instead of the disco now.

Mandi Lennard: You've been spending time in New York and LA. But London's the most fun, right?
Gwendoline Christie: I like Margate.

Photography Mandi Lennard and Gwendoline Christie

Part of the ABSOLUT Elyx Banquet menu is incorporated into A Little Of What You Fancy's Holiday Menu, available now until 31st January 2013

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