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Gary Card at Stella McCartney

The set designer shares the fruits of his two-week stint of drawing in the windows of the Stella McCartney store on Bruton Street.

Set designer and illustrator Gary Card spent two weeks being gawked at in the window of the  Stella McCartney store on Bruton Street whilst busy drawing animals, Alice in Wonderland-style characters and monsters on childrens' wardrobes. Here are the pictures that Gary took of his hard work.

"Stella McCartney approached me after seeing the shoot I did with AnOtherMan. I wasreally excited with the idea of me making the window as people watched - so that it becomes more of a process. I was given the freedom to create whatever I wanted, but as Stella was really inspired by the shoot she wanted me to work in that style.

So to keep me challenged I moved it on a little, creating something just as beautiful with a naive handwriting. Stella wanted it bright, vibrant and colourful. The pictures are inspired by children and things that they love - animals, dinosaurs, superheroes and fantasy. I wanted it to be playful, fun and sweet."