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Prada Fallen Shadows Spin Off

Based on frames from the original Fallen Shadows film, Prada has created a spin off version.

The Fallen Shadows animation that was premiered back in September during New York Fashion Week has now developed into several spin off versions that are online at

The Prada parfum spin off sees the frame of the original movie being reused in a new screenplay, telling the tale of the lace-clad woman's shadow enveloping itself in the fragrance. The same animation techniques have been adopted where director James Lima has scanned a real human body to obtain a fully animated character.

Spin offs of a similar fashion have been created for Prada's eyewear and phone products and all three can be viewed online at now. From 15th December to the 31st, over 300 cinemas in Italy will be screening the Fallen Shadows parfum spin-off before the start of a film.