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SOUNDTRACK: Michael van der Ham Womenswear SS13

Jerry Bouthier on the importance of a cohesive message...

Michael van der Ham joined the season's rallying cry for crazy prints with his SS13 collection of chaotic over-layed patterns. Yet, his models literally kept their heads above the madness by maintaining straight swinging hair, sobering salmon-coloured lipstick and white Alice bands. Van der Ham is a designer that began with cut-and-shut dresses in vintage fabrics inspired by Warhol's foray into fashion in 1975, and it's thus a natural progression to author loud-and-proud prints of his own design. His collection has become more sophisticated as time goes on, the hedonistic party-girl splinters of his Fashion East days sanded smooth but still working the core ethos. Because the girls were so polished, van der Ham's cuts became solid platforms for his patterned canvas. Show soundtracker Jerry Bouthier, shares his soundtrack and discusses the mood with Dazed Digital...

"It's a nice soundtrack. Michael is very picky, he knows what he wants, he feels a lot for music you can tell. He's very conscious of the impact a soundtrack has on the crowd. It's good to work with people who have a clear idea of where they want to go, how it should sound like, helping them shape up their musical vision. They make you feel your contribution is important to the brand, so you've got to make sure it works and hits the nail on the head. The mix here is vibey with plenty of fat beats, but lots of mood too – that remix of Lana Del Rey 'National Anthem' is spooky and the Róisín Murphy track at the end is her new single, heavenly slo-mo discofunk that makes your head spin. Sexy!"

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