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FALSE Season Six

FALSE Season Six

The exclusive streetwear label presents its sixth season through micro novels and collaborates with Lupe Fiasco.

FALSE is an exclusive, luxury streetwear label, whose priorities stay true to the ethos of extremely limited numbers, hand screen printed and hand finished garments of peerless quality. Based in Singapore and founded by designer and musician Le Messie and his fiancée Amanda Scully, the FALSE empire spreads includes the music production company FALSE Sounds, The Black Watch Co. and design firm FALSE Design alongside Le Messie’s post as art director of the celebrated culture site SLAMXHYPE. This week he simultaneously releases FALSE Season Six (following the sell out Anglophile Season Five that featured guest designs from the UK’s She One and Fatsarazzi), a collaboration line with hip hop star Lupe Fiasco entitled “Fallacy Of Rome” as well a project with the Italian fashion powerhouse VNGRD.

DazedDigital: FALSE Season Six is based on a "advanced micro novel" entitled Beware. An interesting concept for a collection.
Le Messie: Basically, it’s a mini novel about three characters. We felt the vision of this release needed some narration and a stage. The micro novel made that work perfectly. It will be showcased in our upcoming FALSE Magazine, our independent art-zine shedding some light on our current endeavors as and when we can.

DD: Can you explain the “Fallacy Of Rome” collaboration with Lupe Fiasco as you also produced for his album “The Cool”.
LM: It’s based on Roman literature’s “Kerberos”, the Hound of Hades which represents the trinity involved in this project. Lupe and myself got connected through the independent fashion culture in 2004. In terms of creativity and the industry, music was my first forte followed by art, design then fashion so it was a dream for me to be asked to be involved in the album.

DD: There was a nice Anglophilic theme with Season Five?
LM: After the new, more mature FALSE direction was put into play in the previous season, Season Five allowed me to bring my focus towards more interpersonal and psychological issues. The designs were based on the case study of the “Melancholy Victory” and among a few other influences that I’ll let the willing participant decrypt on their own. I’m a big follower of the oodlings at She One’s and Fats’ studios so it just came together very well.

DD: I wanted to ask about the FALSE evolution through the years?
LM: It’s been a ride. A crazy one, in terms of what the dot com boom was to the internet, the past four years has been to so called “streetwear” or its definition. Brands and individuals coming and going, corporations paying big bucks to be like the small independent man, politics, ego mania and insanity are but a few things embedded when you choose to look between the cracks but this is of course the same with anything new and in gaining wisdom. 2008 is the time of the changing of the guard with new visions, directions, faces, influencers and foresight. Indeed a very important year that will leave an imprint in our industry and set the navigation towards the future of all this.

DD: I see you're still working in black and white.
LM: The only true colours in life and reality. I practically see in black and white. I do have Better Off Dead, my sibling brand where I’m currently exploring the colour red. I guess it is small steps toward that rainbow… which will be a long time coming!