Lacoste Womenswear SS13

Total look and the bum bag reinvented

Fashion Show

The press booklet waiting in the seats at the show were full of scans and photographs from the Lacoste archives: anoraks and fleece pullovers from the 1970s and pictures of René Lacoste looking perfectly dapper and chic in 1927. Flipping through it could make one long for the thrill of finding vintage Lacoste on a thrift store shopping trip, the prized crocodile peeking out from racks or shelves, an icon of leisure from a bygone era. Next year Lacoste will celebrate it's 80th anniversary, and, with that, its rise to icon status within the fashion and sports world. Felipe Oliveira Baptista translated that literally to bring this collection to a contemporary age, transforming all the iconic lifestyle sentiments of Lacoste into actual printed icons. All the things that go racing through one's mind when they pull an old Lacoste tennis shirt out of the back of some musty thrift store were there before your eyes, laid out in a 2.0 clip art allover pattern, head to toe, floating on the purest, tennis white. Even if you're not a sportswear or a preppy dress fan, you have to respect the engineering and the legacy of a vintage Lacoste find, because the farther you go back the closer you get to the master of leisure chic and a man who spawned a legacy.

Dazed Digital: This collection is vintage inspired?
Felipe Oliveira Baptista:
All the pieces are from the archives and the prints are all new. I tried to look at all the periods of the brand because it's going to be the 80th anniversary next year, so I started with Rene Lacoste and very white and clean and cool. Then I brought in a bit of the elements from the windbreakers from the 70's and bit of the colorblocking from the 80's and thought we would just kind of mix it up.

DD: Where did the bum bags come from?
Felipe Oliveira Baptista: 
It was a very big thing in France in the 80s, the Lacoste banana pack. Before it was a belt and then we attached them to the trousers.

DD: What about the embossed leather looks?
Felipe Oliveira Baptista: There were jumpsuits and sweatsuits from the archives, and the idea was to do them in leather. They're bound with jersey on the inside so it feels like a sweatshirt. I think it was a way of playing with the logo as well, but subtly.

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