Prada Menswear S/S 13

Space age tenniswear and a touch of The Royal Tenenbaums...

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Prada cleaned up, literally. Spring/Summer 13 saw no embellishment whatsoever, in an about-turn from last Summer's colourful crystal studs and Winter's power dressing. Dazed's Deputy Fashion Editor Elizabeth Fraser-Bell reports...

"I loved the fact there were probably ten or fifteen garments which repeated and were put together differently, in different colourways. The catwalk was white and multi-level, a geometric path illuminated by light and the soundtrack fitted perfectly, 60's French pop. It felt like tenniswear done by period, space-age Paris ready-to-wear designers but then someone mentioned The Royal Tenenbaums and it felt like an epiphany. When Magdalena walked out in her fur coat and headband, it was a halfway state between Margot and Richie – except Nico's 'These Days' wasn't playing. It was great to see women again in a menswear show."

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