EXCLUSIVE FILM: Vivienne Westwood Menswear S/S 13

Dame Westwood talks humanity and hedonistic picnics...

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When Vivienne Westwood creates a collection inspired by taking a picnic, you can be sure it's not going to be all doilies and organic houmous. Whilst most designers would recoil over grass and red wine stains, Westwood enthusiastically prints them on as badges of honour, emblems of a good time. With husband Andreas taking the reins of her menswear collection, and Westwood guiding her womenswear, there are crossover touches in the middle that enrich both collections. "Human beings are the most complicated, specialised animal that the earth has ever, ever produced," Westwood tells Dazed's Elizabeth Fraser-Bell in an exclusive video for Dazed Digital...

Film by Gabriele Giussani 

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