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Photographs by Kate Cox

Pam Hogg at Browns

After a nine year hiatus, Pam Hogg is back and she is celebrating her return at Browns.

For Halloween, stop by Browns on South Molton Street to view Pam Hogg’s gothic-inspired windows.  Bats, ravens, cobwebs, and wolves with red rhinestone eyes are a perfect compliment to Pam Hogg’s notoriously dark and edgy glamour… and to the season.  The windows are to celebrate Hogg’s return to fashion’s center stage after a nine-year hiatus, with her first season of Hogg Couture appearing exclusively in the windows and on the racks at Browns. 

Pam Hogg made her name in the ‘80s, emerging out of clubland as one of the most inspired and creative designers of an era epitomized by the Blitz Club, the wild fashion antics of Leigh Bowery, Ziggy Stardust, Boy George, Siouxsie Sioux.  She candidly admits that the reason she began to design clothing was so that she would have something to wear out clubbing, and that her greatest aspirations were always were and still remain in music.  However her unorthodox approach, unique sensibility, and bold personality have always made her an instant success in the fashion world. 

The AW 08/09 collection which is currently available at Browns is an updated and exquisitely tailored interpretation of her signature body-loving designs, available in a sophisticated range of patent and metallic leather, sumptuous silks, sleek knits, and fur details.  It is rock and roll glamour with distinguishable class, proving beyond doubt that while most fashion is privy to wavering trends, Pam Hogg will never go out of style.
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