Featuring the cast of Spartacus Chetwynde's Hermitos Children.

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Click on the image gallery on the right for this shoot from the November issue of Dazed & Confused, including extra behind-the-scenes Polaroids, or read on for an interview with photographer Ben Toms.

Dazed Digital: What gave you the idea to work with Chetwynd?

Ben Toms: Our November issue revolves around the theme of art and I wanted to work with an artist on a fashion shoot, but actually give someone a lot of power over the final image and work with their aesthetic

DD: What is it that you admire about Chetwynd's work?
BT: I love the energy and excitement of her performances and thought it would be amazing to see high fashion involved

DD: How did the ideas come together for the shoot and what was the inspiration behind it?
BT: Spartacus informed us of her new project involving Hermitos Children. We wanted her performance to be involved within a fashion story somehow so we all thought that shooting Hermitos Children would be a great introduction for the project. Spartacus was working in Rome at the time so we shot all the looks and sent the photographs to her to collage.

Spartacus Chetwynde
Ben Toms
Katie Shillingford
Hair and make-up:
Hermitos Children using Shu Uemura
The cast of Hermitos Children: Saoirse Brown, Zoe Brown, Sarah McCrory, Brian Moran, Joe Scotland, Naoko Takahashi, Mimei Strawberry Thompson.
Styling assistant:
Nelma Kalonji

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