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Prada's "Alchemy" by Pietro Scalia

The award winning editor has reassembled nine short films by nine young directors was shown at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

“The idea of distilling the complexity of Prada’s new men’s fragrance, Infusion d’Homme, into an audio-visual experience by condensing the essence of nine different short films, was too intriguing to pass up,” said Petro Scalia, the Oscar winning film editor who was tasked to take nine films that Prada curated as part of their short film project for their new mens fragrance Infusion d'Homme.

“Young filmmakers from around the world, who were also given total autonomy and the creative freedom to portray their vision, produced the short films. I found this opportunity to be a wonderful, thought provoking challenge.” Scalia deconstructed and reassembled the images of the nine films to create a synthesis entitled "Alchemy".

The film was premiered at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles where afterwards, there was a Q&A session between Scalia and the audience.  Both the film and the Q&A session are now available to view on