EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Shannon Kidda Menswear A/W12

Another Man Fashion Editor and BOYO studio's Joel Bough talks casting...

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Photography by Joel Bough

In terms of a casting brief, we have kind of just been talking about footballers really. If they look like a footballer, it's a good thing. It's quite pan-continental: there's an interesting mix of skin colours including boys from Cyprus, Turkmenistan, West Indies, Russia, Senegal...

Just over half of the boys for Christopher Shannon are my street cast guys. Some brand new, some I've been working with for the past few months on editorial jobs. Same with the agency boys, there were some really great brand new faces this season. All of them being so new, the casting is going to feel really fresh. I find my street cast guys all over the place and they don't fall into pigeonholes. Some are students, some dancers, footballers, musicians...

BOYO is a creative studio, within which is has been possible to work on many different collaborative projects, most recently centering around street casting boys, but has previously been much more to do with graphic design, prints, t-shirt projects, fanzines inspired by boys. The current incarnation of BOYO as a street casting club has been fun, but it surely won't last forever. I've always really enjoyed street casting, finding new and interesting faces that I feel are often overlooked by London agencies, understandably sometimes because the scope for earning is slim to none. If I could change fashion with my perspective on casting, it would be to get everyone to chill out a bit about 'rules' and to live a little. Enjoy what makes people different. Not everyone has to be exactly the same, all the time.

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