A Marked Man is captured on film by Sam Renwick and Thomas Bryant, premiering exclusively on Dazed

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Photography by Sam Goldie (film by Sam Renwick/Tho
Photography by Sam Goldie (film by Sam Renwick/Thomas Bryant)

SIBLING this season focused on the Marked Man, the wayward son of the protective matriarch at SISTER by SIBLING. A triptych film by Sam Renwick and Thomas Bryant introduces their ambiguous incarceration narrative, heightened in the design trio's MAN day installation, where guests sat in booths Paris/Texas style – and in turn wondered who was the one being visited: the models on screen or themselves?

The collection this season isn't short on lurex, glittery yarns or glitterball sequins, contrasting imagery of prison tattoos (a bleeding heart and scissors) in a palette from black and navy blue to hot orange and shocking pink. 

Furthermore, worked-over balaclavas devoid of both mouth and eyeholes are a metaphor for the fact love really is blind. Leopard features too: the animal never changes his spots, so in comes the cat as a full-pelt print, also present on creepers and Chelsea boots by Underground. It's a house of SIBLING signature since day one, re-imagined.

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