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Chanel S/S 09

La Isla Bonita gets the Karl Lagerfeld treatment and they come storming out of the Rue Cambon store.

Only at a Chanel show at the Grand Palais could you get away with playing "Our House" by Madness and in this instance, the house Karl Lagerfeld was referring to was of course Chanel's Rue Cambon store, of which a giant replica facade was built at the end of the runway. From the store emerged a line up of girls dressed in the usual plays on tweed suits and dresses, all of them swinging a Chanel shopping bag made out of leather, with the famous chain handles. With knee high socks worn over sheer black tights and frivolous marabou shoes, moments of Clueless came to mind and just confirms that the Chanel girl has no shame in becoming the cliche of the "ditz with the credit card". The mood then became more sophisticated and eveningwear was naturally grandiose as the dress length grew longer into empire gowns and ruffled skirts. The mood though was still playful as seen in the Spanish flamenco skirts, complete with a Chanel guitar, the irridescent silver-pink lame and the black feather headdresses that added height and pomp. Finally, five male Chanel escourts came out of the store, bedecked in bow ties and chains, ready to take their Rue Cambon girls for a night out in burning Paris (Ladyhawke's song was also heavily featured both in English and French).