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Viktor & Rolf Goes Online with S/S 09

V&R's take on what a fashion show might be in the future is now live online, starring Sharlom Harlow.

Realistically, Viktor & Rolf has invited everybody to view their "Funny Face" collection and to criticise it with their S/S09 show having gone live since 8am (Paris time) on Viktor & Rolf's site, so opinions won't just lie with the style editors who got a screening last night of exactly the same thing as what has gone online. A commentary from Viktor & Rolf perhaps on what is already  an established tendancy amongst blogs and forums to discuss the collections amongst themselves and the fact that maybe one day buyers and press will be sitting at home in pyjamas havng a cup of tea and watching all the shows unfold online in high definition, crystal vision.

Sadly, dependent on internet connection, with Viktor & Rolf's online show, it could be a stop and start affair that breaks up the momentum of what is usually seen at shows, but with the mix of camera angles zooming in and out on Shalom Harlow (who modelled every outfit), effectively everybody is sitting front row. You do get a much better idea of what the clothes look like far better than you would from the front facing catwalk shots that people dissect as soon as they're released, with the help of close-ups on the accessories and of course the motion of the clothes. The collection itself doesn't really have a central theme other than perhaps a dissection of geometry. Monochrome op art, circle cut outs on shoes, bags dripping with jagged shapes. V&R's play on volume is worked into jackets and dresses and the focus seems to be more on the accessories than the clothes with the exception of the finale dress that sees Shalom in a gold and silver giant pleated circular creation. A richness of texture is created with lots of jewels and crystals in a plethora of colours. The final walk through zooms through multiple Shalom Harlows with Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren looming over their Grand Salon in their virtual house which has made V&R's website a unique one in amongst luxury brands.