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Photography by Susie Bubble

Cosmic Wonder Light Source S/S 09

An office without purpose that was used by the Japanese fashion/art label to present their collection.

PhotographySusie LauTextSusie Lau
Japanese art and fashion initiative Cosmic Wonder Light Source, by Yukinori Maeda presented itsS/S 09 collection with an office inhabited by beautiful creatures and blank documents. For their one day presentation, they mocked up an office set, with mock being the operative word as everything had a blatantly fake veneer to it. The piles of books and magazines that were blank inside with black and white photocopied covers, the box files that read "Business Business Business" and the models that made the motions of typing and passing papers to each other, conscious that there is nothing to what they're doing. A commentary perhaps on the doldrums of modern office life that never cease to end and ultimately is without consequence.

Still, the setup was at least aesthetically pleasing and Cosmic Wonder's 'office workers' were only even more illuminated in the stark gallery space and of course enhanced by the clothes of Cosmic Wonder Light Source. Installation aside, the focus is still on the garments and for next season the interesting loose silhouettes that CWLS does best are infused with light gold metallic, shots of bright pastel pink and lilac, with pale greys and blues being mixed in for the menswear. Leaf cut-out neck accoutrements and metallic threads add embellishment. Nods to office wear were made in the neat and clean cut presentation of the models and they may or may not have been instructed to do so, but it felt like a surreal version of the TV series Mad Men, where the women are office eye candy and the men stride with purpose and intention.