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Dazed Overdose Mon 29th Sept: Katie Shillingford

The highlight had to be Maison Martin Margiela as it was for most people who saw this anniversary show.

Monday was a busy day starting with Gaspard Yurkievich and his string quartet and choir that led the models down the catwalk. After lunch we headed over to Dior where models were transformed into Amazonian goddesses with plaited hair that very much looked like the shape of a vase or an urn. Biker jackets and corseted leather was seen alongside a summery citrus palette, all with a tribal/ethnic mood seen in gold jewellery and shoes, that looked to be emblazoned with Amazonian Goddesses.

We then rushed off to Isabel Marant where Americana was the theme du jour in patchwork quilts, checks, cowboy boots, denim jackets and the Kim Wilde ‘Kids in America’ soundtrack that boomed throughout. The girls seemed to enjoy strutting down to the popular tunes-my favourites being Anna S and Lara Stone. Later on, shocking brights in tailored silhouettes made a refreshing break to the afternoon with Antonio Berardi.

The absolute highlight of the day was the Margiela 20th anniversary show, which demonstrated a ‘best of’ Maison Martin Margiela's greatest hits. All faces were bound, wigs were worn on the front of the face, on the shoulders, and as whole outfits; nude cat suited models were wheeled down the catwalk on mini floats as if it were a parade and the finale consisted of a wedding/anniversary cake dress worn by 2 girls followed by a procession including full brass band and a troupe of all white-coated staff and models who were showered with giant silver confetti. It was a spectacular catwalk extravaganza that sent a judder of excitement through the audience and reminded us all of how remarkable fashion can be.

But, as it was on the other side of town, we only just made it to Westwood in the nick of time. Tracey Emin, who was sat in front of us was in jolly spirits and definitely perked up the crowd miaowing at the catwalk. Compared to her Red Label show in London, Westwood’s Gold label show was low-key in terms of celebs. My favourite pieces were the juicy, brightly coloured plastic pieces that looked like sweetie wrappers.

Yohji was the last show of the day and by that stage we were all flagging. But, he did not disappoint. The show was beautiful and the peaceful piano on the soundtrack brought a sense of tranquillity to the end of a hectic day. The dazzling lights shone on the raised catwalk as all the girls wore sunglasses, moving in a steady, calming pace in an array of black suits, and then  onto oversized white shirts, longs black skirts and finally a beautiful bride finished with a huge hat.