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Dazed Overdose Sun 28th Sept: Katie Shillingford

Post Gareth madness, Rick Owens proved to be an impressive start to Katie's fashion week show rounds.

After a hectic Saturday with Gareth’s first show in Paris, drinking champagne outside the Palais de Tokyo overlooking the sparkling Eiffel Tower and then winding down at the after party, Sunday started late but I made it to Rick Owen’s show. He is a great supporter of Gareth and visited us at the studio so I was excited to see his S/S 09 collection. As an almost Christmassy beat of jingly bells reverberated around the room, the first girl-Maria Carla emerged out of a cloud of smoke/dry ice. It was a dramatic and impressive entrance well deserved after a long wait for Lenny Kravitz to enter the building. Chiffon encapsulated each head but ponytails were visible through these futuristic yet peasanty/ pagan looking wrappers. As per usual it was dark and sinister mood but thoroughly enjoyable and I spotted many an item to invest in. Another high point was the bound leather feet, which helped morph the models into otherworldly beings.
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