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Dharma Taylor S/S 09

The 22 year old designer presents her second collection "Insectbite".

Dazed Digital featured Dharma Taylor in Rise and now she has presented her second collection “Insectbite” for S/S 09 which was presented through a short animation, screened as part of twosee’s London Fashion Week shop window film project. The new collection came about through Taylor being inspired by “these shallow times” and the introspection of the self. The prints created with old style Teletext colours is Taylor’s self-constructed code and structure; “I and I, the vision of a bee, am attracted to that RGB.” RGB indeed, as straight forward primary colours and geometric shapes  form patterns that look like they are reflected over and over again in a kaleidoscope are then printed onto relaxed t-shirts, trousers and jumpsuits. Since being featured on Rise, Shop 172 on Brick Lane has also started stocking Dharma Taylor.