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Acne in Liberty

The Swedish brand gets some floorspace in London's oldest department stores.

No Acne London store as yet but the next best thing would probably be Liberty department store parting with a bit of their traditional space to devote to Acne. Last week, during London Fashion Week, a space dedicated to the Swedish denim label was launched on the women’s floor of Liberty. Despite the historic settings, Acne were given the freedom to create a space that reflected the design disciplines of the Acne design collective. Folding screens are adorned with croquis illustrations and give structure to the space that is supposed to resemble an artist's studio as well as acting as inspiration boards for Acne’s current artistic projects. "The fantastic thing about designing the space was whatever you place within Liberty will juxtapose with such a magnificent interior and history,” says Jonny Johansson, the creative director of Acne.