Holly Fulton Womenswear S/S12

Juicy tones of tangerine, Sicilian lemon and Blue Curaçao punched through the designer's intricate print

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Juicy tones of tangerine, Sicilian lemon and Blue CuraƧao punched through Fulton's genetics of intricate print work and use of incongruous textures in a stiflingly repressed nod to summer's sensuality this weekend. As the temperature plummets outside, the runway at least glowed like a halogen pathway as Fulton's creations glided forth. The designer, who has amassed flocks of fans for her clear, cultured aesthetic, has also won the respect of the industry, being supported by the coveted NEWGEN sponsorship and winning the Swarovski Emerging Talent Award for Accessories at the British Fashion Awards in 2009.

In seasons past, Fulton has defended her sincere love of optimistic, pop-culture sensibilities and with a collection as rounded and comprehensive as this past weekend's revealed, we doubt she'll have many neigh-sayers to contend with now. Monochromatic zebra prints mingled carefree and utterly complimentary with underwater icons of coral and turquoise hues whilst silken marine scenes invaded sixties shifts and billowing trousers. Packed and boarded, forget the holiday read, the beach will be a catwalk come next summer.

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