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Laura Lees where you will mostly find her - at her
Laura Lees where you will mostly find her - at her sewing machine

Laura Lees S/S 09

Sewing machine menaces, fittings and make-up worries in the run up to Laura Lees' signature embroidery filled show.

PhotographyKim HowellsTextKim Howells
This season I styled Laura Lees off schedule show at wonderfully organised Vauxhall Fashion Scout, which showed tuesday 16th at 12.30 and in the runup, documented the last minute adjustments, fittings and manic rush to finish everything.

Laura Lees is a Scottish born Designer, based in London, famously known for her embroidery. I first met Laura whilst assisting Nicola Formichetti as she often came on board to customise weird and wonderful pieces for Nicola's shoots, most recently with VMag with Gisele on the cover. I am a firm fan of her work and enjoy her playful imagery of skulls and bones mixed with flowers and hearts and am always still amazed that when looking at her clothes from a distance what looks like a cool print is actually all tiny individual stitches!

Laura's S / S 09 show was all about colour, youth and fun demonstrated through a mixture of heavy embroidery with bold bright blocks of fluro lycra netting used as vests and body stockings. Embroidered stars and beaded love hearts covered the nipples and more and the return of bum bags heavily 'attacked' in embroidery accessorized looks. The hair was pulled back tightly before being pulled through fluro tubes and made into brilliant abstract buns making the face exposed for Revlon, the sponsors of the show, to apply a fingerprint of bright colour to the lips.
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