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Louise Gray Pre Show Fittings

With Karen Langley doing the fittings on the night before Louise Gray's show at Fashion East.

Louise Gray's shown yesterday at Fashion East was pivotal for reasons explained by Karen Langley (Dazed & Confused's senior fashion editor), who has styled all of Louise's shows:

"The actual silhouettes were more finely cut. The fabrics were more sophisticated. It takes Louise to the next level. Fashion East is a great opportunity to go crazy and get down with the kids. However I don't think she can really do more than three seasons at Fashion East. It's really about getting the backing to do her own show next season. Which is why this season was so important because it is going to hinge on this as to whether it is possible to go forward, which I hope it is but we'll see!"

Dazed Digital went to Louise's studio on the night before the show to photograph the fittings process.